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Polyamorous people are the most interesting people in the world. Free thinkers in open relationships, willing to explore new possibilities and experience the joyful nature of life. Now that you have decided to share the unrestricted passion you feel for other people, creating your own free account on polyamorydate.com is the best way to begin your online dating adventure together. Start by telling us something about yourselves while answering a simple survey and letting dating enthusiasts, swingers, couples and singles find out enough about you to entice their senses and kindle the kind of romantic encounters you crave!

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Just because you are a polyamorous couple or open-minded single seeking an erotic hook-up, casual date or open relationship – that doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone at your office to know what you are up to in your private life. That’s why polyamorydate.com has been built from the ground up with powerful privacy tools and optional social settings designed to give you total control over your own swinging lifestyle. Whether you choose to be an extrovert sharing videos from recent dating events in your own local area, or someone seeking excitement without consequences by giving access only to people in your own polyamorous social circle – this is the one dating site that gives you total control over your own level of openness.

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Living the polyamorous lifestyle gives you plenty of wild stories to tell and intimate moments worth sharing. Your own dating profile does a decent job of explaining who you are on an informational level, but it lacks the warmth and personality that you can easily ad by uploading your own voice or video introductions. Set your privacy settings the way you want them, and then upload a video that shows a more personal side of who you really are and what you are seeking. As you’ll see as soon as you enter the world of polyamorydate.com; humor, erotica, intelligence and emotion all have their place in this community of sexy singles, couples and swingers!